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Congratulations You will soon own the The Rusty Bucket Kids DVD!

HOWEVER, before you check out, we have a great offer for you.

We want you to have The Rusty Bucket Kids Soundtrack
Music from and inspired by The Rusty Bucket Kids
at a special low price you can only get from our website with this one-time offer.

Read on to learn about this incredible opportunity.

Why not take advantage of this limited offer
to get both the DVD and CD for one low price?

Let us tell you what you will get:

The Rusty Bucket Kids Soundtrack, features songs from and inspired by the The Rusty Bucket Kids movie, including the ‘instant classic’ and catchy “All Aboard (Get On Board),” performed by G.W. Pierce and The Rusty Bucket Band. The Rusty Bucket Kids Soundtrack, has roots that run deep in the state of North Carolina, as most of the musicians involved in the project either live in the Triangle or have called the area home at one point.

North Carolina born-and-bred G.W. Pierce, with the help of The Rusty Bucket Band, contribute three songs that capture the heart and soul of Peak City and The Rusty Bucket Kids. In addition the set features traditional North Carolina string-band music from Barney Rogers and original score compositions by Craig Brandwynne.

Track Listing:

  1. All Aboard (Get On Board) / G.W. Pierce with the Rusty Bucket Band    
  2. Nine Pound Hammer / Barney Rogers
  3. Take Me For A Ride / Marissa Begin
  4. The Rusty Bucket Kids / Claudio Oswald Niedworok
  5. Train 45 / Barney Rogers
  6. I'll Always Remember This Ride / G.W. Pierce with the Rusty Bucket Band
  7. Dreamer's Play / Sissy Harrington
  8. Tango Samba / Craig Brandwynne
  9. Lonesome Rubin's Train / Barney Rogers   
  10. I'll Stay / Sissy Harrington
  11. Last Ride / G.W. Pierce with the Rusty Bucket Band

Here's your offer. You will never be able to buy at this price again:
The $12.95 CD and the $16.95 DVD specially–priced on this page for the amazing cost of only of $19.95
but this offer will not be repeated again so make your purchase now.



Yes, I want both for only $19.95!

We will ship your CD & DVD right away. We are charging only one shipping and handling fee.

     DVD and CD Bundle

I want even more!    I know this will be a great gift and want to send to a number of people on my list.

OK, then if you decide to purchase one or more of our four-pack of the CD and DVD sets (four copies of each), you get a special price of $69.95 per set and that’s a savings of more than $49.00 over the individual pre-sale price. Remember, you pay only one shipping fee.

     4-DVD and 4-CD Bundle

But wait, are you a collector?

You can have the DVDs autographed by one of the main actors for an additional $2.00 and have a special keepsake forever.

DVD can be signed by:

  • JohnColeman—JohnColeman Demers
  • Roxanna—Roxanna Demers
  • Grandpa Peakssen—Charlie Gaddy
  • City Manager—Mark Roberts
  • Steamy—Steamy
  • Conductor—Claudio Oswald Niedworok
  • Carlina—Irene Santiago
  • Rodolfo—Pablo Vega
Please indicate which character you would like to have sign your DVD when you order.

If you are buying the autographed DVD, click the button below:

     Autographed DVD
If you are buying the combination CD and DVD bundle, click the button below:

     Autographed DVD and CD Set
If you are buying the four-pack, click the button below:

     4-Autographed DVDs and 4-CDs Bundle
No thanks, I will just stick with the DVD.
I understand I will not have another opportunity to buy at this price.
Created by John M. Demers

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